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Cosmetic surgery is not as new as you might imagine. Rhinoplasty has been performed as early as 800 BCE in ancient Egypt. In India Sushruta described a nasal reconstruction using a flap of skin from the forehead. In the sixteenth century, brachial based flaps were used to reconstruct noses. The first published account of modern rhinoplasty has been traced to John Orlando original article was published in 1887 and described the correction of a "pug nose." Nope, not the dog we know as a pug, but a person with a similar nose. Jacques Joseph is generally known as the father of modern rhinoplasty. He was a trained orthopedic surgeon and in 1898 did presentations in Berlin of revolutionary rhinoplastic techniques, many of which are almost the same as those used today.

Rhinoplasties comprise a large percentage of plastic surgery and are certainly one of the most requested procedures. As many as 50,000 are performed in a single year. A great many of these surgeries are purely elective, so the surgeon must use his best judgment in determining a patient's suitability for surgery. With the media hype today and the fact that many celebrities are so open about having had cosmetic surgery, care must be taken before agreeing to perform a cosmetic rhinoplasty. Some patients want to do it for the wrong reasons. They may be unstable or have unrealistic expectations about what a nose job can accomplish. Some patients are just a poor surgical risk and pre op consultations and lab work can rule that out.People who have a history of multiple plastic surgeries may have an unrealistic body image and should not be considered. Previous rhinoplasties in the last nine to twelve months are another cause for concern. Obviously nasal cocaine users are too big a risk for complications.

Cosmetic rhinoplasty can correct imbalance in the features. Lumps and bumps can be removed, The nose can be shortened or lengthened, and the tip can be sculpted into a more pleasing shape. There are many scales to determine the "perfect" face. Technique is important, but the surgeon's artistic eye is also a big factor.

These days computer imaging allows a person to try out a new look before going under the knife. The surgeon will photograph and measure the patient's face and then make recommendations taking into consideration what the individual hopes the outcome will be. Take care to listen to what he or she says. The surgeon truly wants to please you and wants you to look your best. After all, many patients will come due to referrals by satisfied customers or by viewing the surgeon's gallery of before and after photographs. If you are considering cosmetic rhnoplasty, find a a board certified plastic surgeon and go to your consultation with an open mind.Interview more than one if you need to, It's your face and you need to be comfortable with teh person who is going to give you a new look.



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Plastic Surgeon in Manhattan Outlines Key to Achieving Optimal Rhinoplasty .
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